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Dexter MiniSeries: The Unofficial Finale Redo

Everybody’s favorite serial killer is back: Dexter is getting a revival on Showtime, with original star Michael C. Hall set to return. Created back in 2006, Dexter followed Hall’s titular forensic technician with a big secret: When he isn’t helping solve crimes, Dexter’s a serial killer who preys on the worst of humanity. It ran on Showtime for eight seasons in total before coming to an end in 2013. At its peak, Dexter was a critical darling that scored 13 Primetime Emmy nominations, including five for Hall and four for Outstanding Drama Series.

However, many noted that Dexter’s critical performance waned over the years, particularly when it came to its final season. The controversial series finale, “Remember the Monsters?”, left Dexter in a rather surprising position: While most people expected him to die, he instead faked his death and went to live a quiet life as a lumberjack. With that open-ended finish, fans wondered if Dexter’s story could ever be continued somehow, and now they have their answer.

Per THR, Dexter is getting a limited series revival at Showtime. The 10-episode run will bring back both Hall and original showrunner Clyde Phillips, who exited the series after season 4. John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Bill Carraro and Scott Reynolds will also serve as executive producers alongside Phillips and Hall. It’s said that this Dexter will be a continuation of the original show, and production is expected to begin in early 2021 ahead of a fall premiere. Additionally, the official Dexter social media account confirmed the return in typical bloody fashion, which you can see below.

Despite the trailer’s promise of blood-filled drama, do fans really want a continuation from season 8’s lackluster end? Coincidentally, this sentiment was echoed by Dexter’s showrunner. Siding with fans, Phillips told E! Online that the finale was not his intended conclusion. Instead, he envisioned a conviction, execution, and ultimate end to Dexter’s murdering spree. So, where does this leave fans? Here’s where things get interesting.

Phillips confirmed that the miniseries is not the return of a serial killer turned lumberjack. Dexter (2021) will be treated as a “second finale”. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter’s TV’s Top 5 podcast, Phillips said the show’s “start from scratch” mentality cannot be classified ala Dexter season 9. Elaborating further however, he stated ten years passage, the time between season 8 and the miniseries, will indeed be reflected. Other than these informational tidbits, the show’s plot and potential cast are kept relatively under wraps.

In regards to his sweeping creative liberties, Phillips confessed to the podcast that “Showtime was very gracious.” As Showtime should be. After all, in its heyday, Dexter helped establish the cable network’s place on the global television map. With a fandom numbering the millions, the highly original series pulled in viewers with varying tastes. Horror fans had plenty of gore, comedy fans indulged in unexpected humor, and drama fans enjoyed tragedy. Such an expansive audience may come in handy, for as networks scramble in the fast-paced streaming wars, Showtime has adapted a revivalist strategy. Hit shows, including Twin Peaks: The ReturnThe L Word: Generation Q, and the upcoming Weeds sequel, have been reinvented for audiences plagued with nostalgia. If the Dexter miniseries, or unofficial season finale redo, is successful, the return of television’s satirical vigilante could be the cable network’s ticket to uptick Showtime subscriptions.

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