Cavan Garden Films

Cavan Garden Films is a brand new production company. We strive to create artistic short and feature films that focus on the female perspective. Through collaborations with like-minded cinematographers, composers, and crew, we hope to create a wholly new experience of story telling.

Upcoming Productions


A dark comedy and family drama, in which a rich family’s matriarch faces impending death. When the time comes to divvy the inheritance, the teeth are bared, the vodka is poured, and the truth is revealed.

Filming wrapped in June 2019! So excited to enter the Post Production phase…


the 16th annual ascot

“Face it, in comparison to all of
humanity, are you really that important? In the the grand scheme of things do you really
matter? Ah but wait, since you are expendable,

why not do it in a useful manner. Sick isn’t it? This desire to sacrifice ourselves.

A Science Fiction satire filled with state sanctioned suicide machines, genetic classification, and of course, fertility nationalism. In a society celebrating anonymity, a lone woman unwittingly enters a sleeper cell seeking to shake the status quo.

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