Migrant Mothers

A story of survival shared by two matriarchs during the Dust Bowl Depression. Initiated through circumstance, forged by experience, and grounded in compassion, two families intertwine in a harrowing journey of blended fact and fiction.

Reality Check

After the lead star of a low-rating reality show discovers an impending network cancelation, she entangles her reluctant producer into a calculated and crazy final season.

City of Abilene

A Science Fiction satire filled with state sanctioned suicide machines, genetic classification, and fertility nationalism. In a society celebrating anonymity, a lone woman unwittingly enters a sleeper cell seeking to shake the status quo.

Laws of No Man’s Land

Migrant Mothers Episode 2: Boise City residents reveal ill-willed sentiments to splinter Ginny’s naivety, while the citizens of Boyel fend off Pretty Boy Floyd’s gang. Over time, Peter’s faith wanes as he confronts churchly bigotry and escapes from armed vigilantes.


The maid of a high-end resort carters to hypocritical hotel guests indulging in a yoga retreat.


Diamonds & Rust

A dark comedy and family drama in which a rich family’s matriarch faces impending death. When the time comes to divvy the inheritance, the teeth are bared, the vodka is poured, and the truth is revealed.


Award of Excellence – Best Woman Filmmaker – Vegas Movie Awards
Award of Excellence – Best Ensemble – Vegas Movie Awards
Best Woman Short – Independent Short Awards
Best First Time Director – IndieX Film Fest
Best First Time Director – New York Movie Awards
Best First Time Director – New York International Film Festival
Best Outstanding Performance – Best Actor Award
Best Actor in a Short Film – Block Island Film Festival
Best Acting Ensemble – Oniros Film Festival
Official Selection – Block Island Film Festival
Official Selection – Albuquerque Film & Music Experience
Official Selection – Buenos Aires International Film Festival
Finalist – Jelly Film Festival
Finalist – Best Short Film – Florence Film Awards
Finalist – Best Actress – New York International Film Awards
Honorable Mention – Best First Time Director – Indepedent Shorts Award
Honorable Mention – Best Acting Ensemble – Independent Shorts Award
Nominated – Best Short Film – Block Island Film Festival
Nominated – Best Actress, Tina Alexis Allen – Indie Short Fest
Nominated – Best Director – Indie Short Fest
Nominated – Best Ensemble – Indie Short Fest
Nominated – Best Women Short – IndieX Film Fest